Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Saturday, October 25, 2008


未看電影,先聽Sound Track。近日亞洲電影節大熱的電影海角七号,買不到戲票,等待著正場上映。又一推介音樂。



Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Second Baby G

Today, I bought a new gift for myself as to lighten my life a bit,..... I guess I was stress-out these few days..... everynight, when I sleep, I dream of the things happening at school, so horrible...............! I remember my first Baby G was from my dear brother, he gave me as a gift as I successfully got into Poly U many years ago! This one, bright yellow one, my second baby G! I love the color so much and it was recommended by tamshui and kwan kwan!!!!thanks a lot!

Tokyo Trash Baby

前幾日去BC,找到我8年前在電影節看過的一套很喜歡的日本電影,Ryuichi Hiroki (廣木隆一)的Tokyo Trash Baby。愛究竟是一回怎樣的事,看過電影後讓人重新反思。

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


今日看畢Keira Knightly主演的The Duchess後,超開心,買了文雀的soundtrack。之前看雜誌,知道有soundtrack,但一直未見有貨。
Music by Xavier Jamaux and Fred Avril. Highly recommend!

上星期的Exhibition Day

上星期六看完草間的documentary, 看了arts centre 的畫展,然後去了會展自蘇富比和Art Fair。看了村上隆的大型花花sculpture,一定成了高價拍賣品。之後再看Adidas Sports in Art,用sports統一數個shopping mall展場的作品,是curator的想法,但作品放置的地方太散,很難看畢全部作品。